Come Fly With Me


This piece is about my daughters and me. They are on the verge of leaving the sheltered nest, youthful dreams of what they would be when they grew up. Their dreams are flights of imagination creating what is possible. Dreaming allows our souls to soar and even direct our lives. I’ve held my birds with an open hand, always whispering, “Envision BIG!” When watching the creation of this piece, one of my daughters said, “But Mom, they don’t have eyes.” I replied, “See and feel with your heart! It will take courage to live in the uncertainty and mystery of exactly how you’ll get there. Trust the strength of your own wings.” Glide through the forest of what encumbers you and seek out the music of your heart. Tap into Source and fly in the direction of your desire. These birds of fanciful flight are hand felted into cloth using vibrant wool fibers and shimmering threads of silk sewn on top of sculptured, undulating forms.

So come on………let go, have faith, Come Fly With Me!

Size 5’6″ x 14’

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